A Sissy’s Daydream – POV by SissyHypnoSlut

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Wake up Sissy. Look what happened to your body! Do you like it? Look at your perfect tits. You love them, don’t you sissy? Play with your nipples. Touch your perfect body. Time to leave bed now Sissy.. And eat some breakfast. Show off your new body. Make him horny by playing with your food. Get ready to take a shower. Clean your girly body. And get ready for some serious breakfast. Cock is your favorite meal. YES IT IS! You love licking his cock. Get ready to deepthroat it! Big cock is so tasty, right sissy? Worship it and get ready. For your second meal today. Lets take a little break. So you are ready for him. He is undressing you, sissy. Just to fuck you afterwards! You really like it, don’t you? Grab your tits to make him horny. He pounds your pussy so well! He’s slowing down, its your turn now! Ride his cock like the whore you are. Faster Sissy! Faster! Let him play with your tits. You love your master so much! Let him fuck you from behind. Prepare yourself sissy. He is almost ready TO CUM. So suck his huge COCK until he cums right into your throat! Enjoy A Sissy’s Daydream – POV by SissyHypnoSlut.


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    I actually find myself hotter when I think about Cock n maybe a little more down on myself when I dint. As do I love being my girly true slut.


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