Cake: A Sweet Sissy Treat by AnalCumBunny

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 You are so weak. You crave super-masculine alpha males to dominate you. You want them to tell you what to do. You want please him. You want him to force you to suck his cock. All sissies focus on cock. It’s the phallic symbol of dominance and you want it sliding in and out of your mouth. You want him to squirt his hot cum down your throat. Be submissive, sissy. You know that you can never be a man. You love cock so much. Don’t you. Say it, sissy. Tell everyone you love cock and you love cum. Your destiny is to be a little sissy bimbo slut who’s job is to suck cock and swallow semen all day, every day. Enjoy Cake: A Sweet Sissy Treat by AnalCumBunny.

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