Cockstrukk – You Have A Super Power Sissy by Sissy_Madison

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You’ve been degrated, told to submit. But the truth is… You have a superpower! The power of seduction to bend men around your finger. Unleash your power! Show him how sexy you are. You are a sissy girl, you can do it! Make him need to fuck you. Let me show you how!. With just a look, you can get exactly what you want. You want a cock to suck and fuck! And Fuck! You want to feel him in you. When you’re giving and getting you are complete. So you’ve learned to be a whore. Men love slutty girls. So be a slut for him. Because you love his cock, be a total slut for him. So he’ll give you what you need… his tasty cock and phenomenal girly orgasms. He fucks you so good. Because you know what turns him on! Use your talents and this will be you getting fucked. Riding Cock. Feeling the bliss! Of him filling you. And drinking his cum! You love it. You need it. Now that you know your power, go put it to use! Enjoy Cockstrukk – You Have A Super Power by Sissy_Madison.


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  1. melina says:

    Will becoming a sissy get in the way of my life?


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