Go Deeper Sissy (Poppers) by Trasimene

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I want your poppers in one hand, your dick in the other. All you have to do is follow my command. Take that bottle to your nose and sniff. You’re always fighting your urges. Trying to stay away. This way I have you right where I want you. Isn’t that right. The brain weak and maliable. Just like my little puppet. You know how you feel. Ready? Sniff. Hold it, little fucking bitch. Listen to me, I own you. You are my property. Exhale. Don’t you worry you might feel scared at first but once you really give in there’s nothing like it. Sniff. Trying to resist me. I own you. You’re my little bitch. That’s right you little slut how fun was that, that just feels good doesn’t it. You feel weak? You’re going to be my little bitch. That’s right. Enjoy Go Deeper Sissy (Poppers) by Trasimene


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