Sissy Brainwashing by Regalrider

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Take your cock out… If you’re a good little sissy. Let the programming wash over you. Think about becoming a girl. Think about hard cock. Think about cum spraying all over your face. You are a sissy. Yes, you are. Admit it. You want to be a girl. You want cock. You want cum in your mouth and in your boi pussy. It’s time, sissy. You know it’s all you want to do with your life. Being fucked. Swallowing cum. It can be your life. Embrace it. Become the sissy slut you were meant to be. What’s holding you back, sissy? You do everything in the comfort of your home. You dress sexy, you put on makeup, you wear high heels, you wear a long feminine wig. You are a girl, sissy. So admit it to yourself that this is all you want to be. A slutty sissy girl. What are you waiting for? Go out dressed to impress. Go out and find cock. Go out and find the cum you crave. Enjoy Sissy Brainwashing by Regalrider.


2 Responses to “Sissy Brainwashing by Regalrider”

  1. song yu says:

    i need it

  2. Josse says:

    j aime ,je me suis vue totaleùent abusée ,prise par tous ces cocks blancs et noir , je me suis découvert en vrai salope…merci


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