Sissy Life 4

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Your new body feels like home. You have tits, hips, and a clit. You are home now. It feels natural. You know no other way. It feels like home. Your permanent home. It’s like, soooo fun. Girl. Slut. Whore. Hi sire, will you fuck me? Braindead, Estrogen will do that. Slave. Choke on it. Fuck them Where and when they want. No cock is too big. Choke on it. “Fuck” is right. Its pretty much all you do. Now take his cum. Clean yourself up there’s another one waiting. Enjoy Sissy Life 4 by Gynodrome.


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  1. april says:

    this video wasn’t too bad until it told me that since i’m on estrogen, i’m braindead.


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