Sissy Life 5 by Gynodrome

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Introduce yourself to the world as the sexy little slut you are. Make yourself as attractive as possible. When you meet strangers in the night… You shall not disappoint them. When you walk the streets you shall not refuse anyone. You must obey. Your programming says its true. You always follow your programming. Don’t you, sissy? Let them all fuck you. Go home with strange men. Submit & obey. You are chattel. Work the block. Sell your body. You shall not have standards. You shall not have limits. Watch porn whenever you are not being used. Slink around in stylish, girly outfits. Only masterbate like a girl. Wear restraints. Never use condoms. Take all drugs given to you. Remember you don’t have a penis. You only have a little girly penis. Enjoy Sissy Life 5 by Gynodrome.


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