Sissy Work – Sissy Poppers Trainer by Leyendecker

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You want a nice life? Fulfill your fantasy. Nice things cost money. Sell your body. You want to relax. Wear nice jewlery. You deserve nice things. Sell your holes. Eat their cum. Buy nice things. Whore yourself out. It won’t be easy. Let men use you. Men like submissive sluts. Men will pay to abuse you. Poppers make it easier. Sniff poppers. Take their cocks. Sniff poppers. Become a bimbo hooker. Make money with your body. Become a fucktoy. It’s all you’re good for. You deserve abuse. You’re a pathetic whore. At leasr get paid for it. Dress like the slut you are. Advertise your skills. Get what you always dreamed of. Submit yourself to cock. Be a good fuckslut. Poppers make it easier. Enjoy Sissy Work – Sissy Poppers Trainer by Leyendecker.

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2 Responses to “Sissy Work – Sissy Poppers Trainer by Leyendecker”

  1. Akis says:

    i want to be trained into a sissy slut

  2. Stacey says:

    Please help me to be the prettiest and make porn movies


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