Sissymaker 5 by EmperorHypnos

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I have been waiting for another Sissymaker from Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos for such a long time. Please support her work by donating at her by buying her private Sissy Hypnosis videos and hopefuly she will make more content for free. Sissymarker 5 – Part 1 lives up to her quality hypnosis standard. You are going to love it. Enjoy Sissymaker V by EmperorHypnos.


12 Responses to “Sissymaker 5 by EmperorHypnos”

  1. sissycoach says:

    Wow another awevsome subliminal video from emperor hypno. This dude rocks!

  2. Pinkpretty85 says:

    Long wait but worth every second and also one question how can I convert this video to a mp4 file?

  3. says:

    For Subliminal Mind Control & Sissy Brainwashing, Emperor is the best Sissy’s video artist.

    For SissyMaker’s updates you can Donate/purchase at :
    I saw the SissyMakerV’s videos they’re so awesome!
    The “GloryHole Wore” vids are too excellent!!

    Emperor need help, there is goo gifs for who are supporting her work 😉

  4. says:


  5. madsteve says:

    sissy maker vi is out (pay $10) its worth it for the extra’s

  6. jane says:

    How do I get SissyMaker5 ?

  7. Patricia says:


  8. says:

    ╔╗ ♥

  9. Annabelle says:

    My girlfriend is with her friends right now (which are guys) so i took the advantage to watch hypno (including this video hehe) and train my ass for hours,my little clitty milked so many times 👅. My girlfriend doesnt know yet even thpugh i have long natural hair and act girly but her not knowing makes it a little harder to train my sissy self so when shes goes my sissy self goes crazy hehe

  10. says:

    i gave it a good rating. Because some of the girls aqre not attractive n the musics kinda lame and its alittle too fast for me at least. but most girls are pretty. I like the victoria secret models added in, for the most part its good. id like to see all sissy videos on pornhub though so i can rate and comment them, we need a better sissy website and then we can all instant chat like facebook and have profiles. someone rich help us seriously wtf are you doing?

  11. sissymichele says:

    i love feeling so girly and sofy fem covered with cum wet panties i love cock oh im such a sissy faggot


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