Sissysonics 3 – Hard Candy

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Are you thinking about that cock in your mouth? Are you thinking about the cum oozing out of your tight little hole as well? Imagine your holes full of cum. Just a perfect little slut for me aren’t you? Back again? Fascinated by sexy sissy cam sluts? You’re straight. Just curious. Just wondering. But they know how hard you get, watching them stroke. So pretty, so feminine, so sexy, so tempting, so hard, just like you. All those pretty cam whore sissies, they are so turned on so achingly hard and so very eager to please. They want to see, they want you to hear, they want you to join them – to be entranced – to be transformed – to be addicted – Made to crave hard cock – Made to crave hot cum – Made to be pretty, sexy and feminine. Made to be compliant, willing and eager – a cock sucking sissy – that will cum on command – A SISSY HYPNO SLAVE! Enjoy Sissysonics 3 Hard Candy by Numberonefan.


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    wow, great sissyhypno


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