The Last Step – Pandorasissy

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Shame, embarrassment and guilt. Those are all things you have left behind. You are not that confused little boy you were before. You are a girl, you know this. You’ve embrased this and you love this. This is not a fetish or fantasy. This is why you are. Accept it and realize you are not alone. Never forget who you are. The rest of the world won’t. Being a girl is not degrading. It is not humiliating and it is not a punishment. This is your choice. It is you being the best version of yourself. The person you aspire to be all along. This is who you are. Enjoy The Last Step by Pandorasissy.


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  1. says:

    Being Ts as long as I can remember, as have transitioned twice in my life some 13 years plus. It’s like everyone knows, most everyone I’d imagine. Even my bosses know. Our past bosses as not site I’m going back. It’s like I’m not getting any younger. Haha. But it’s like I’m looking into other avenues as far as work goesMaybe I just need a push to get me ofoffAsst least firsthis ledge I have as transitioning isn’Asster easy. But it’s like I have a new well our something these past few weeks. I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed again, laser surgery on Monday, acrylics back on, so I’m moving in right steps I guess. Maybe it is the hormones n not so much the hypnos. But I’ve never openly talked with guys about sex like I have past few weeks haha

  2. steve says:

    have you seen the latest OMG, Pandorasissy – Cum Therapy. feckin brilliant

    Brandy: I will be adding it to the site shortly xxx


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