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I know your desire. What you think about. What you dream about. I know what you need. No more denying yourself. No more excuses. Admit you crave cock. You want cock. Are you confused? YES! Let me help you then. COCK. This is what you desire. COCK. This girl or This cock. SISSY. You just wanna lick too. SISSY. Imagine these lips are your lips. Submit. Sissy. Cock. You can be her. All you have to do is ADMIT. SUBMIT. SISSY. You want this. COCK. SISSY. CRAVE COCK. CRAVE COCK. YES! You are powerless. SISSY. You want to be her. Crave Cock. You are being transformed into a cock craving bimbo and you don’t want it to stop. CRAVE COCK. SISSY. SUBMIT. You are now submitting. Your mind is being overpowered. SUBMIT. Think of cock. Is Your Sissy Dick Hard? COCK. COCK. SISSY. CRAVE. SUBMIT. COCK. You are now submitting. ADMIT. SUBMIT. SISSY. YES! COCK. SISSY. CRAVE COCK. SISSY COCK SUCKER! Enjoy Transformation by Hypnoaddictkatyperry.


3 Responses to “Transformation”

  1. yana says:

    I want and i will !!!

  2. Carla Andrews says:

    I love the content n the message it’s sending to all of us sissies n sissiewannabs, but I wish these Hypnos would use genuine sissies instead of genetic girls.
    We suck cock too n loved to b filmed.
    I wish there was more exposure for us.


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