When I Was In The Navy…

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I was forced to do something I didn’t like. My commanding officer took advantage of me. But I carried out my duty. I acted like I wasn’t bothered by it. But it really affected me. I was confused by all of it. When I got out I went to to talk with my dad. He told me to take it like a man. Can you believe him? He’s an ex-seal and he’s being so dishonorable. I never blinked. But I knew that in this world you had to do things for yourself. So I hit the gym, and got solid. Got a beautiful wife. Had normal sex. Had it all the time. Sometimes, though… I had weird dreams. They were more like visions, bad ones. I decided to prove that they didn’t control me. I took the fight to them. It kinda turned me on. I slimmed down and got a sweet boyfriend. He made me cum just by fucking me right. This was so good and I love him, but… I need more. So I took all my savings and went to the best doctors in the world. Now I can be pretty in public. You think I’m pretty, right? There’s just one thing wrong. I ran out of money before I got my pussy. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun. I dated a senator who was sooo generous. I was still learning how to act. He treated me like a sweet little lady. He even liked my little boy clit. He gave me so much money and he never made me feel weird about my hard little clitty. In fact, he liked it. I got the feeling he liked it too much. On to the next one. This one was a doctor. The doctor! He was a freak too, but he took my case. Look at him! What a freak! I have this beautiful body and he’s obsessed with my clit. He promised to make me a real girl. So I fucked and sucked my way into a surgery that he promised would make all my dreams come true. It was better than I ever imagined. That’s me boys! Those are real, I’m all real now. Its the latest and greatest surgery. You can’t tell the difference anymore. When I was in the navy…


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